Adjusting your investment portfolio with age

Is your asset allocation aligned with your risk tolerance?

Your retirement portfolio serves as crucial financial support for an enjoyable retirement. Retirees with substantial portfolios may enjoy living off returns without touching the principal. However, those with smaller portfolios will likely need to access their funds eventually.

Tax relief matters

How to build a bigger pension pot

If you’re under 75 and have relevant UK earnings, you can benefit from tax relief when contributing to a personal pension like a Self-Invested Personal Pension Plan (SIPP) or workplace pension scheme within the annual allowance.

Life is unpredictable

Helping you stay on track to achieve your financial objectives

Discussing the unforeseen is always a challenging conversation. We can’t predict what’s just around the corner. The financial consequences can be overwhelming when life presents unexpected or unfavourable events.

Life insurance

Preparing for the unexpected

Life planning is not just about accumulating wealth; it also involves safeguarding the well-being of your loved ones. While contemplating the worst-case scenarios can be difficult, preparing for the future is crucial to ensure your family is protected in the event of your passing.

Different types of life insurance

Protecting your financial downside

Life insurance is about securing peace of mind for you and your loved ones, knowing that financial protection is in place should the unexpected occur. In the event of a valid claim, a tax-free lump sum will be provided to offer the necessary financial assistance and breathing room during challenging times.

Term life insurance

Protection that spans a predetermined duration

Term life insurance is a form of life protection that spans a predetermined duration (referred to as a ‘term’) – the payment is made in one lump sum. This coverage is valuable for safeguarding the financial well-being of dependents.

Whole-of-life insurance

Protect your wealth and provide for your family when you die

Whole-of-life insurance is a policy designed to cover your entire life, ensuring a specified payout upon your death, no matter when it occurs. Some insurers also offer the option to include critical illness coverage as part of an integrated policy when purchasing life insurance.

Critical illness cover

Facing the unthinkable and preparing for the unexpected

Critical illness cover offers a financial safety net when you and your family need it most. Adding this option to your life insurance policy can alleviate the monetary burden that may arise if you become critically ill.

Income protection insurance

Having enough to pay for what you need now and in the future

When the unexpected strikes, our world can be turned upside down instantly. It’s never pleasant to contemplate misfortune, but what if a serious illness leaves you unable to work? How would you cope financially?

Private medical insurance

Keeping your health on track

When life presents you with unforeseen challenges, obtaining a swift diagnosis and treatment, along with genuine assistance, support, and empathy, becomes crucial. Your health and the well-being of your family are your top priorities.