Minimise Inheritance Tax

Allow your loved ones to benefit more from your accumulated wealth

Effective planning minimises the burden of Inheritance Tax (IHT), allowing your loved ones to benefit more from your accumulated wealth. If the value of your estate is above the £325,000 threshold (2024/25 tax year), the part of your estate above it could be liable for tax at the rate of 40%.

Caring for grandchildren

How it can help you boost your State Pension

Around one in five grandparents over the age of 50 in the UK provide childcare help for their grandchildren, but thousands may be missing out on a valuable scheme that could increase their State Pension entitlement[1]. Soaring childcare costs mean many parents turn to grandparents to look after their children when they return to work.

Business matters

Time to focus on the financial health of your business?

As a business owner, you may well have complex finances. With such a focus on building and running a successful business, you may struggle to give your finances – particularly your personal finances – the attention they need.

Financial protection

How to recover quickly and minimise the impact should the worst happen

Whether you’ve been in charge of a successful business for several years or have only recently started up your own enterprise, it’s important to understand the challenges and potential pitfalls and to think of ways of minimising their impact.

Planning for your retirement

Tax benefits could make a big difference to your future wealth

You’ve nurtured your business, but have you paid the same attention to your retirement plans? Some business owners focus a lot of time and energy on making plans for the future of their business, but when it comes to their personal financial future, many discover they are ill-prepared.

Succession planning

Preparing yourself, your family and your business for the future

The operational demands of running a family business or other closely held enterprise can be all-consuming, but business leaders must take the time needed to assess their organisation’s business succession planning.

Estate planning and Inheritance Tax

Don’t jeopardise the livelihood of your family and your business partners

Owning a business is time-consuming. Your focus is on managing the day-to-day tasks while growing the business. There’s little time left to think about anything else, especially what would happen if something happened to you. Not having an estate plan in place risks undermining a lifetime of work and jeopardising the livelihood of your family and business partners.

Enhancing retirement through lump sum contributions

Contributing additional amounts to your pension stands to benefit you significantly in the long term

Recent research findings have brought to light a striking observation: fewer than 10% of adults in the UK contribute occasional lump sums to their pensions[1]. This statistic is particularly surprising given that such contributions could significantly amplify one’s retirement savings.

Britons procrastinate on making a Will

Research identifies that over half of adults do not have a Will

Recent research has uncovered that a staggering 51% of adults in the UK have neither penned a Will nor are they in the process of doing so[1]. This statistic encompasses 13% of individuals affirmatively declaring no future plans to undertake this task.

Prudence of perseverance in investing

Maintaining an investment stance centred on the potential for long-term growth

For investors, the perennial question of whether to ‘stick or twist’ with their current investments or pivot towards the perceived safety of cash is fundamental. Numerous factors influence this decision, which plays a pivotal role in the journey towards financial prosperity.